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twig1 British & World English

A slender woody shoot growing from a branch or stem of a tree or shrub

twig2 British & World English

Understand or realize something

twig1 English Thesaurus

she plucked some leafy twigs from the bushes

twig2 English Thesaurus

she finally twigged what I was driving at

red twig British & World English

North American (more fully redtwig dogwood) any of various dogwoods (genus Cornus) having red bark.

nerve twig British & World English

Any of the small terminal branches of a nerve.

hop the twig British & World English

Depart suddenly or die

twig furniture British & World English

A rustic style of furniture in which the natural state of the wood is retained as an aesthetic feature

peach twig borer British & World English

A small grey moth, Anarsia lineatella, whose larvae are a major pest of fruit trees, especially peaches, apricots, and others of the genus Prunus, attacking young shoots and twigs in spring and fruit in summer.