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typewriter British & World English

An electric, electronic, or manual machine with keys for producing print-like characters one at a time on paper inserted round a roller

typewriter English-Spanish

máquina f de escribir

don't fuss with the typewriter in fuss English-Spanish

no juguetees con la máquina de escribir

this typewriter is a dead loss in loss English-Spanish

esta máquina de escribir no sirve para nada

I was clacking away on my typewriter in clack English-Spanish

estaba tecleando en mi máquina de escribir

can I have a go on your typewriter? in go English-Spanish

¿me dejas probar tu máquina de escribir?

what's the matter with Jane/the typewriter? in matter English-Spanish

¿qué le pasa a Jane/a la máquina de escribir?

he's been banging away at the typewriter all day in bang English-Spanish

se ha pasado todo el día dale que (te) dale con la máquina de escribir