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unison British & World English

Simultaneous performance or utterance of action or speech

UNISON British & World English

(In the UK) a trade union formed in 1993 and representing employees in the health service and public sector

unison string British & World English

A string in a piano or other instrument tuned to the same pitch (or to a pitch an octave higher) as another string and meant to be sounded with it

unison English Thesaurus

they lifted their arms in unison

unison English-Spanish

to play/sing in unison

UNISON English-Spanish

sindicato general de empleados

to act in unison in unison English-Spanish

obrar de forma conjunta

to play/sing in unison in unison English-Spanish

tocar*/cantar al unísono

our views are in unison with theirs in unison English-Spanish

nuestras opiniones concuerdan con las suyas