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upright British & World English

(Of a person) sitting or standing with the back straight

bolt upright in bolt1 British & World English

With the back very straight

bolt upright British & World English

With the back very straight

piano1 British & World English

A large keyboard musical instrument with a wooden case enclosing a soundboard and metal strings, which are struck by hammers when the keys are depressed. The strings' vibration is stopped by dampers when the keys are released and can be regulated for length and volume by two or three pedals

upright English Thesaurus

check that the posts are upright

upright English-Spanish


bolt upright in bolt English-Spanish

muy erguido, erguido, tieso

sit upright in upright English-Spanish

siéntate derecho

to place/stand sth upright in upright English-Spanish

colocar*/poner* algo de pie

he suddenly sat bolt upright in bed in bolt English-Spanish

se irguió de repente en la cama

he held himself upright throughout the ceremony in upright English-Spanish

se mantuvo erguido durante toda la ceremonia