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upset British & World English

Make (someone) unhappy, disappointed, or worried

upset price British & World English

The lowest acceptable selling price for a property in an auction; a reserve price

upset the apple cart British & World English

Spoil a plan or disturb the status quo

upset the apple cart in apple British & World English

Spoil a plan or disturb the status quo

upset English Thesaurus

the accusation upset her

upset English-Spanish


upset price English-Spanish

preciofijado para un lote en una subasta

stomach upset English-Spanish

problema, trastorno

he's understandably upset in understandably English-Spanish

está disgustado, lo cual es comprensible

was he upset? — very in very English-Spanish

¿estaba disgustado? — mucho

she was distinctly upset in distinctly English-Spanish

estaba claro que se había disgustado

don't upset yourself so in so English-Spanish

no te preocupes tanto

I have an upset stomach in upset English-Spanish

estoy, estoy descompuesto (del estómago)

to have a stomach upset in upset English-Spanish

estar* mal del estómago, estar* descompuesto del estómago

any upset could kill him in any English-Spanish

cualquier disgusto podría matarlo

I know you're upset but … in know English-Spanish

ya sé que estás disgustado pero …

now, you mustn't get upset in now English-Spanish

vamos, no te pongas así

anyone can see she's upset in see English-Spanish

cualquiera se da cuenta de que está disgustada

be careful not to upset my mother in careful English-Spanish

procura no disgustar a mi madre

are you upset? — quite the reverse in reverse English-Spanish

¿estás disgustada? — no, al contrario

it's hardly surprising he's upset in surprising English-Spanish

no es de extrañarse que esté disgustado

his thoughtlessness/rudeness upset her in upset English-Spanish

le molestó su desconsideración/grosería

the upset involved in moving house in upset English-Spanish

el trastorno que supone una mudanza

I don't wonder you were upset! in wonder English-Spanish

¡como para no estar disgustado!

I've no wish to upset you, but … in wish English-Spanish

no quisiera disgustarte, pero …

you can't blame me for getting upset in blame English-Spanish

es normal que me molestara ¿no?

don't get upset, I was only kidding in kid English-Spanish

no te pongas así, estaba bromeando

the least little thing would upset him in least English-Spanish

se disgustaba por la más mínima cosa

he gets upset at the slightest thing in slight English-Spanish

se molesta por la menor tontería

please try not to upset the patient in upset English-Spanish

procuren que el paciente no se excite

why upset yourself? he didn't mean it in upset English-Spanish

¿por qué te lo tomas a mal? no lo hizo a propósito

take it easy! there's no need to get upset in easy English-Spanish

¡cálmate! no es para ponerse así

obviously, she's upset: she's just lost her job in obviously English-Spanish

no es extraño que esté disgustada: acaba de quedarse sin trabajo

I could tell from her voice that she was upset in tell English-Spanish

por la voz me di cuenta de que estaba disgustada

don't let him upset you, he isn't worth it in worth English-Spanish

no te amargues por él, no vale la pena

he's upset someone else now — yes, he's good at that in at English-Spanish

ha vuelto a disgustar a alguien — sí, se especializa en eso

I would not be overly upset if she were to leave in overly English-Spanish

la verdad es que no me disgustaría demasiado que se fuera

he wasn't upset about it; rather, he was relieved in rather English-Spanish

no estaba disgustado sino más bien aliviado

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