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user British & World English

A person who uses or operates something

net user British & World English

A person who uses a net, especially a fishing net (also figurative).

end user British & World English

The person who actually uses a particular product

user cost British & World English

The cost incurred from using a fixed capital asset such as machinery or raw materials, equivalent to the loss in the asset’s value due to its use

magic-user British & World English

(In role-playing games, specifically. Dungeons and Dragons) a character empowered to use magical spells.

user group British & World English

An organization or group of people focused on the use of a particular (in later use especially computer-orientated) product, service, or technology.

user guide British & World English

A handbook containing instructions on how to use a device, piece of software, etc.; an instruction manual.

user log-in British & World English

The function which enables a user to log in to a computer or computer system by means of a unique password or code; such a password or code.

multi-user British & World English

Denoting a computer system that is able to be used by a number of people simultaneously

power user British & World English

A knowledgeable and sophisticated user of computers

user account British & World English

An account established for a particular user; (Computing) the data, access details, settings, etc., specific to each individual user of a shared network, system, or program.

user password British & World English

A password by which a user can gain access to a particular computer, network, file, function, etc. (frequently in conjunction with a username).

user profile British & World English

A collection of information or data about the habits, preferences, etc., of a user, especially of a product or service.

user-friendly British & World English

(Of a machine or system) easy to use or understand

user-hostile British & World English

(Of a machine or system) difficult to use or understand

user-oriented British & World English

(Of a machine or system) designed with the user’s convenience given priority

user-orientated British & World English

Designed with the needs of a user in mind; user-friendly.

user-processing British & World English

Processing of a film by the photographer who used it, as opposed to by a laboratory.

user-unfriendly British & World English

Not user-friendly; difficult to use.

user-definable British & World English

Having a function or meaning that can be specified and varied by a user

user experience British & World English

The overall experience of a person using a product such as a website or computer application, especially in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use

user-generated British & World English

Denoting or relating to material on a website that is voluntarily contributed by members of the public who use the site

user interface British & World English

The means by which the user and a computer system interact, in particular the use of input devices and software

wheelchair user British & World English

A person who uses a wheelchair, especially because of physical disability

user-programmable British & World English

That can be programmed or assigned a function by a user.

user authentication British & World English

The validation of a user's identity or status, especially by means of a username, password, etc.

user-unfriendliness British & World English

The quality of being user-unfriendly.

graphical user interface British & World English

A visual way of interacting with a computer using items such as windows, icons, and menus, used by most modern operating systems

superuser British & World English

A user of a computer system with special privileges needed to administer and maintain the system; a system administrator

user-friendlier in user-friendly British & World English

(Of a machine or system) easy to use or understand

user-friendliest in user-friendly British & World English

(Of a machine or system) easy to use or understand