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utter1 British & World English

Complete; absolute

utter2 British & World English

Make (a sound) with one’s voice

utter1 English Thesaurus

Charlotte stared at her in utter amazement

utter2 English Thesaurus

he uttered an exasperated snort

utter English-Spanish

completo, total, absoluto

he's an utter fool in utter English-Spanish

es un perfecto imbécil

he didn't utter a sound in utter English-Spanish

no dijo nada, no dijo ni pío familiar/colloquial

don't utter a word of this to anyone in utter English-Spanish

no le digas nada de esto a nadie

she managed to utter a few breathless words in breathless English-Spanish

logró decir algunas palabras entrecortadas

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