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valued British & World English

Considered to be important or beneficial; cherished

valued in value British & World English

Estimate the monetary worth of

valued English Thesaurus

a valued friend

many-valued British & World English

Mathematics (of a function) having more than one value for some or all of its arguments; that maps to more than one point, number, etc.

one-valued British & World English

Having one value (for each component); specifically (of a function) = single-valued.

valued policy British & World English

An insurance policy in which a special amount, estimated and agreed when the policy is issued, is payable in the event of a valid claim being made, whatever the actual value of the claim may be.

revalue British & World English

Assess the value of (something) again

overvalue British & World English

Overestimate the importance of

undervalue British & World English

Rate (something) insufficiently highly; fail to appreciate

most valuable player British & World English

The best or most successful player of a team during a season, series, or single match; frequently attributive (usually with capital initials), of an award given to such a player; also abbreviated as MVP.

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