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vary British & World English

Differ in size, amount, degree, or nature from something else of the same general class

Karlovy Vary British & World English

A spa town in the western Czech Republic; population 50,940 (2007). It is famous for its alkaline thermal springs. German name Karlsbadˈkarlsbaːt

your mileage may vary in mileage British & World English

Your experience may be different

your mileage may vary British & World English

Your experience may be different

vary English Thesaurus

estimates of the development cost vary greatly

vary English-Spanish


showing daily, times vary in vary English-Spanish

espectáculos todos los días, horario variable

opinions on the subject vary in vary English-Spanish

hay diversas opiniones al respecto

interest rates vary with the amount invested in with English-Spanish

los tipos de interés varían según la cantidad invertida

to vary in direct/inverse proportion with sth in proportion English-Spanish

variar* en proporción directa/inversa a algo

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