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vascular British & World English

Relating to, affecting, or consisting of a vessel or vessels, especially those which carry blood

vascular bundle British & World English

A strand of conducting vessels in the stem or leaves of a plant, typically with phloem on the outside and xylem on the inside

vascular plant British & World English

A plant that is characterized by the presence of conducting tissue

vascular tissue British & World English

The tissue in higher plants that constitutes the vascular system, consisting of phloem and xylem, by which water and nutrients are conducted throughout the plant

vascular cryptogam British & World English

A plant of the division Pteridophyta, i.e. a fern, horsetail, or clubmoss

vascular cylinder British & World English

Another term for stele111.

vascular dementia British & World English

A common form of dementia caused by an impaired supply of blood to the brain, such as may be caused by a series of small strokes

water-vascular system British & World English

(In an echinoderm) a network of water vessels in the body, the tube feet being operated by hydraulic pressure within the vessels

cardiovascular British & World English

Relating to the heart and blood vessels