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verbal British & World English

Relating to or in the form of words

verbal English Thesaurus

he was given a verbal assurance that his application would be approved

non-verbal British & World English

Not involving or using words or speech

verbal noun British & World English

A noun formed as an inflection of a verb and partly sharing its constructions, such as smoking in smoking is forbidden

verbal noun New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

noun formed from and sharing some of the constructions of a verb

procès-verbal British & World English

A written report of proceedings

verbal diarrhoea British & World English

The quality or habit of talking too much

verbal overshadowing British & World English

The tendency of verbalization to impair the recall of visual memories, resulting in unreliable eyewitness accounts

tic British & World English

An idiosyncratic and habitual feature of a person’s behaviour

preverbal British & World English

Existing or occurring before the development of speech

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