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vicinity British & World English

The area near or surrounding a particular place

vicinity English Thesaurus

many famous writers made their homes in the vicinity

vicinity English-Spanish

inmediaciones feminine plural, alrededores masculine plural

vicinity (to sth) English-Spanish

proximidad feminine(a algo)

in the vicinity in vicinity English Thesaurus

his fortune is in the vicinity of three million pounds

in the immediate vicinity in immediate English-Spanish

en las inmediaciones, en los alrededores

in the vicinity of $100 in vicinity English-Spanish

alrededor de los 100 dólares, unos 100 dólares

is there a public telephone in the vicinity? in vicinity English-Spanish

¿hay algún teléfono público por aquí/por allí?

the hotel is situated in the vicinity of the airport in vicinity English-Spanish

el hotel está situado en las inmediaciones del aeropuerto