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violent British & World English

Using or involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something

violent storm British & World English

A wind of force 11 on the Beaufort scale (56-63 knots or 103–117 km/h)

violent English Thesaurus

I was married to a violent alcoholic

violent English-Spanish


he met a violent death in violent English-Spanish

tuvo una muerte violenta

their actions met with a violent response in response English-Spanish

su conducta tuvo una respuesta violenta

she was the victim of a violent attack in victim English-Spanish

fue víctima de un violento ataque

these violent scenes are becoming all too familiar in familiar English-Spanish

nos estamos acostumbrando demasiado a estas escenas violentas

the increasing prevalence of divorce/violent crime in prevalence English-Spanish

el número cada vez mayor de divorcios/delitos de violencia

Golden Square, the scene of violent demonstrations in scene English-Spanish

Golden Square, escenario de violentas manifestaciones

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