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void British & World English

Not valid or legally binding

void deck British & World English

The ground floor of a block of flats, which is left vacant and typically used for communal activities

void of in void British & World English

Free from; lacking

null British & World English

Having no legal or binding force; invalid

void English Thesaurus

the black void of space

void English-Spanish

vacío m

to be void of sth English-Spanish

estar* desprovisto

she felt void of all emotion in void English-Spanish

se sentía vacía, no sentía ninguna emoción

this clause renders the contract void in render English-Spanish

esta cláusula invalida el contrato

his death left a great void in my life in void English-Spanish

su muerte dejó un gran vacío en mi vida

her departure left an aching void in his life in ache English-Spanish

su partida dejó un doloroso vacío en su vida

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