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west British & World English

The direction towards the point of the horizon where the sun sets at the equinoxes, on the left-hand side of a person facing north

north by east British & World English

Between north and north-north-east (or north-north-west)

south by east British & World English

Between south and south-south-east (or south-south-west)

the West in west British & World English

Europe and North America seen in contrast to other civilizations

West in west British & World English

The player sitting to the right of North and partnering East

West, Benjamin British & World English

(1738–1820), American painter, resident in Britain from 1763. He became historical painter to George III in 1769 and the second president of the Royal Academy in 1792. Notable works: The Death of General Wolfe (1771)

West, Dame Rebecca British & World English

(1892–1983), Irish-born British writer and feminist; born Cicily Isabel Fairfield. She is best remembered for her study of the Nuremberg trials The Meaning of Treason (1949). Other notable works: The Fountain Overflows (novel, 1957)

West, Dorothy British & World English

(1907–98), US writer. She wrote about racism and class and was a spokesman for the Harlem Renaissance during the 1920s. Her novels include The Living Is Easy (1948) and The Wedding (1995). The Richer, the Poorer (1995) is a collection of autobiographical pieces

West, Jerry British & World English

(1938-), US basketball player and coach; full name Jerry Alan West. A guard, he played for the Los Angeles Lakers 1960–74. After retiring as a player, he coached the Lakers 1976–79 and then became their general manager in 1982. Basketball Hall of Fame (1979)

West, Mae British & World English

(1892–1980), American actress and dramatist. She made her name on Broadway in her own comedies Sex (1926) and Diamond Lil (1928), memorable for their spirited approach to sexual matters, before embarking on her successful Hollywood career in the 1930s

West, Nathanael British & World English

(1903–40), US writer; born Nathan Wallenstein Weinstein. His works include novels such as Miss Lonelyhearts (1933), A Cool Million (1934), and The Day of the Locust (1939)

west English Thesaurus

the Scottish west coast

east–west British & World English

Extending between the east and the west

go west British & World English

Be killed or lost; meet with disaster

out West British & World English

Originally: in or to the territory to the west of the early American settlements; (in later use) in or to the distant West of the United States. Also in extended use: in or to the western parts of Canada or Australia.

West Bend British & World English

An industrial city in southeastern Wisconsin, on the Milwaukee River; population 29,894 (est. 2008)

West Brit British & World English

A native of the Republic of Ireland who favours a close political or cultural connection with Great Britain.

West Endy British & World English

Characteristic or suggestive of the western end of a town or city, specifically the West End of London.

west half British & World English

The western half of something.

West Ice British & World English

A region of the North Atlantic, between Svalbard and Greenland, which is covered with ice during the winter.

West Indy British & World English

Attributive = West India.

West Nile British & World English

Attributive Designating the human disease caused by this virus, a febrile illness often complicated by encephalitis or meningitis; especially in West Nile fever.

west wind British & World English

A wind blowing from the west.

West Wing British & World English

The western wing of the White House, where the offices of the U.S. President are located; (by metonymy) the U.S. President or administration.

East–West in east–west British & World English

Relating to the relationship between the eastern and western parts of the world or of a country, region, or town

Far West British & World English

The regions of North America in the Rocky Mountains and along the Pacific coast

Key West British & World English

A city in southern Florida, at the southern tip of the Florida Keys; population 22,364 (est. 2008). It is the southernmost city in the continental US

Mae West British & World English

An inflatable life jacket, originally as issued to RAF personnel during the Second World War

West Bank British & World English

A region west of the River Jordan and north-west of the Dead Sea; population 2,461,300 (est. 2009). It contains Jericho, Hebron, Nablus, Bethlehem, and other settlements. It became part of Jordan in 1948 and was occupied by Israel following the Six Day War of 1967. In 1993 an agreement was signed which granted limited autonomy to the Palestinians, who comprise 97 per cent of its inhabitants; withdrawal of Israeli troops began in 1994 but conflict in the area continues

West End British & World English

The entertainment and shopping area of London to the west of the City

West Side British & World English

The western part of any of several North American cities or boroughs, especially the island borough of Manhattan, New York

Wild West British & World English

The western regions of the US in the 19th century, when they were lawless frontier districts. The Wild West was the last of a succession of frontiers formed as settlers moved gradually further west

west-about British & World English

By a westerly route; westwards.

West Banker British & World English

A native or inhabitant of the West Bank.

West Ender British & World English

A person who lives at the western end of a town, especially of London.

West Endian British & World English

A person who lives in the West End of London.

West Endish British & World English

Of or characteristic of the West End of London.

West Endism British & World English

The quality, character, or behaviour associated with the western end of a town or city, especially of London.

West Fargo British & World English

A city in southeastern North Dakota, a suburb of Fargo; population 23,708 (est. 2008)

West German British & World English

Historical. Of or relating to the western parts of ancient Germanic-speaking Europe.

west-going British & World English

That travels in a westerly direction.

West Haven British & World English

A town in southwestern Connecticut, west of New Haven; population 52,420 (est. 2008)

West India British & World English

Attributive Designating people or things relating to or connected with the West Indies. Now chiefly historical.

West March British & World English

(Also in plural) the western part of the border region of England and Scotland.

West Sider British & World English

An inhabitant of the west side of a city, especially of the West Side of Manhattan.

west-windy British & World English

Characterized by the blowing of the west wind.

Middle West British & World English

Another term for Midwest.

North West British & World English

A province of northern South Africa, formed in 1994 from the NE part of Cape Province and SW Transvaal; capital, Mafikeng

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