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will1 British & World English

Expressing the future tense

will2 British & World English

The faculty by which a person decides on and initiates action

will1 English Thesaurus

accidents will happen

will2 English Thesaurus

she has the will to succeed

will in will1 British & World English

Expressing the future tense

willpower in will2 British & World English

Control deliberately exerted to do something or to restrain one’s own impulses

Will, George F. British & World English

(1941-), US journalist, columnist, and television commentator. His conservative syndicated newspaper column first appeared in The Washington Post. He also wrote a column for Newsweek magazine from 1976, and appeared on television’s This Week

will do British & World English

Expressing willingness to carry out a request or suggestion

at will British & World English

At whatever time or in whatever way one pleases

free will British & World English

The power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one’s own discretion

Hay, Will British & World English

(1888–1949), English actor and comedian; full name William Thomson Hay. He is remembered for his screen characterizations of incompetent authority figures. His films include Oh, Mr Porter! (1937) and My Learned Friend (1944)

ill will British & World English

Animosity or bitterness

will-call British & World English

Relating to or denoting a place (typically a ticket window or office) where items that have been paid for in advance can be picked up

free will English Thesaurus

they take for granted their blessed right to free will

ill will English Thesaurus

he didn't bear his wife any ill will

living will British & World English

A written statement detailing a person’s desires regarding future medical treatment in circumstances in which they are no longer able to express informed consent, especially an advance directive

Rogers, Will British & World English

(1879–1935), US humorist and actor; full name William Penn Adair Rogers. A vaudeville headliner with his rope twirling and homespun humor from 1905, he wrote a syndicated column for The New York Times 1922–35. He died in a plane crash with aviator Wiley Post in Alaska

will power English Thesaurus

it took every ounce of will power she possessed not to give in

that will do British & World English

No more is needed or desirable

if you will British & World English

Said when politely asking someone to do or consider something

with a will British & World English

Energetically and resolutely

tenant at will British & World English

A tenant that can be evicted without notice

time will tell British & World English

The truth or correctness of something will (only) be established at some time in the future

have one's will British & World English

Obtain what one wants

what you will British & World English

What you want or like

blood will tell British & World English

Family characteristics cannot be concealed

the fur will fly British & World English

There will be serious or violent trouble

heads will roll British & World English

People will be dismissed or forced to resign

murder will out British & World English

Murder cannot remain undetected

will-o'-the-wisp British & World English

A phosphorescent light seen hovering or floating at night on marshy ground, thought to result from the combustion of natural gases

a worm will turn British & World English

(Even) a meek person will resist or retaliate if pushed too far

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