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wired British & World English

Making use of computers to transfer or receive information, especially by means of the Internet

wire British & World English

Install electric circuits or wires in

hot-wire British & World English

Start the engine of (a vehicle) by bypassing the ignition system, typically in order to steal it

rewire British & World English

Provide (an appliance, building, or vehicle) with new electric wiring

hardwired British & World English

Involving or achieved by permanently connected circuits rather than software

hard-wired English-Spanish


to be wired to sth in wire English-Spanish

estar* conectado a algo

they wired me some money in wire English-Spanish

me mandaron un giro telegráfico

the parts are wired in place in wire English-Spanish

las piezas van sujetas con alambre

these homes are wired for cable TV in wire English-Spanish

estas viviendas tienen instalación de televisión por cable

the plug has been wrongly wired in wire English-Spanish

han conectado mal los cables del enchufe

she had her jaws wired (together) in wire English-Spanish

le inmovilizaron las mandíbulas

they wired me the news, they wired the news to me in wire English-Spanish

me comunicaron la noticia por telegrama, me telegrafiaron la noticia