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world British & World English

The earth, together with all of its countries and peoples

world English Thesaurus

he travelled the world with the army

the world in world British & World English

The earth, together with all of its countries and peoples

New World British & World English

North and South America regarded collectively in relation to Europe, especially after the early voyages of European explorers

off-world British & World English

In science fiction, any place away from the earth, or from that world that serves as the location of a given narrative or is regarded in a given context as the native world

Old World British & World English

Europe, Asia, and Africa, regarded collectively as the part of the world known before the discovery of the Americas

old-world British & World English

Belonging to or associated with former times, especially when considered quaint and attractive

one-world British & World English

Relating to or holding the view that the world’s inhabitants are interdependent and should behave accordingly

World Cup British & World English

A competition between teams from several countries in a sport, in particular an international soccer tournament held every four years

world war British & World English

A war involving many large nations in all different parts of the world. The name is commonly given to the wars of 1914–18 and 1939–45, although only the second of these was truly global

old-world English Thesaurus

old-world charm

brane world British & World English

A world model in which our space-time is the result of a 3-brane moving through a space-time of higher dimension, with all interactions except gravity being confined to the 3-brane

First World British & World English

The industrialized capitalist countries of western Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand

other world British & World English

The spiritual world or afterlife

real world British & World English

The existing state of things, as opposed to one that is imaginary, simulated, or theoretical

Third World British & World English

The developing countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America

World Bank British & World English

An international banking organization established to control the distribution of economic aid between member nations, and to make loans to them in times of financial crisis

world beat British & World English

Western music incorporating elements of traditional music from any part of the world, especially from developing nations

world city British & World English

A cosmopolitan city, with resident and visiting foreigners

world-class British & World English

(Of a person, thing, or activity) of or among the best in the world

world fair British & World English

An international exhibition of the industrial, scientific, technological, and artistic achievements of the participating nations

world line British & World English

A curve in space-time joining the positions of a particle throughout its existence

world music British & World English

Traditional music from the developing world, sometimes incorporating elements of Western popular music

world order British & World English

A system controlling events in the world, especially a set of arrangements established internationally for preserving global political stability

world power British & World English

A country that has significant influence in international affairs

world soul British & World English

The immanent cause or principle of life, order, consciousness, and self-awareness in the physical world

world view British & World English

A particular philosophy of life or conception of the world

world-weary British & World English

Feeling or indicating feelings of weariness, boredom, or cynicism as a result of long experience of life

ancient world British & World English

The region around the Mediterranean and the Near East before the fall of the Western Roman Empire in ad 476

Disney World British & World English

An amusement park in Lake Buena Vista, southwest of Orlando, Florida, that opened in 1971

Fourth World British & World English

Those countries and communities considered to be the poorest and most underdeveloped of the Third World

object world British & World English

The world external to the self, apprehended through the objects in it

Second World British & World English

The former communist block consisting of the Soviet Union and some countries in eastern Europe

a world of British & World English

A very great deal of

world-beater British & World English

A person or thing that is better than all others in their field

world English British & World English

The English language including all of its regional varieties, such as North American, Australian, New Zealand, and South African English

world-famous British & World English

Known throughout the world

world-ranking British & World English

(Of an artist, sports player, etc.) among the best in the world

World Series British & World English

The professional championship for major league baseball, played at the end of the season between the champions of the American League and the National League. It was first played in 1903

World Service British & World English

A service of the British Broadcasting Corporation that transmits radio programmes in English and over thirty other languages around the world twenty-four hours a day

world-shaking British & World English

(In hyperbolic use) of supreme importance or having a momentous effect

in the world British & World English

Used to express astonishment or disbelief in questions

world language British & World English

A language known or spoken in many countries

world-renowned British & World English

Famous throughout the world

World War I British & World English

Another term for First World War.

World War II British & World English

Another term for Second World War.

the free world British & World English

The non-communist countries of the world, as formerly opposed to the Soviet bloc

the next world British & World English

(According to some religious beliefs) the place where one goes after death

see the world British & World English

Travel widely and gain wide experience

the world over British & World English

Everywhere on the earth

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