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writ1 British & World English

A form of written command in the name of a court or other legal authority to act, or abstain from acting, in a particular way

writ2 British & World English

archaic past participle of write.

one's writ in writ1 British & World English

One’s power to enforce compliance or submission; one’s authority

writ English Thesaurus

they were served with a High Court writ

writ large British & World English

Clear and obvious

original writ British & World English

A writ issuing from the Court of Chancery, which formed the foundation of a real action at common law.

security writ British & World English

A writ relating to or backed by security.

writ of aiel British & World English

An action by a party based on the seisin of a grandfather for the recovery of land of which that party had been dispossessed.

prerogative writ British & World English

A writ issued by a court in special circumstances, as (in Britain) under the exercise of royal prerogative.

writ of execution British & World English

A judicial order that a judgement be enforced

writ of summons British & World English

(In England and Wales) a writ by which an action is started in the High Court

writ of elegit in elegit British & World English

In full writ of elegit. A writ of execution by which a creditor is put in possession of all or some of the goods and lands of a debtor, until his or her claim is satisfied.

writ of naifty in naifty British & World English

The status of a naif or serf; serfdom. writ of naifty noun a writ by which a lord claimed a person as his naif.

writ of nisi prius in nisi prius British & World English

A writ directing a sheriff to provide a jury at the Court of Westminster on a particular day, unless the assize judges come before that day to the county from which the jury was to be drawn. Now only in writ of nisi prius.

writ of procedendo in procedendo British & World English

Also more fully writ of procedendo. A writ authorizing or requiring a subordinate court to resume the hearing of a case after it has been suspended, either when the suspension was wrongful (or the reasons for it have ceased to obtain), or when the proceedings had been removed to a superior court but the case has been remanded by that court to the original court.

writ of praemunire facias in praemunire facias British & World English

More fully writ of praemunire facias. A writ charging a sheriff to summon a person accused of asserting or maintaining papal jurisdiction in England (originally one accused of prosecuting abroad a suit cognizable by English law), so denying the ecclesiastical supremacy of the monarch.

writ de magna assisa eligenda in magna assisa eligenda British & World English

More fully writ de magna assisa eligenda. A writ directing a sheriff to return four knights responsible for selecting twelve others and forming with them the jury of a grand assize to try a matter of right.

writ of (also †de) procedendo ad judicium in procedendo ad judicium British & World English

More fully writ of (also †de) procedendo ad judicium. A writ authorizing or requiring a subordinate court to proceed to judgment.