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yacht British & World English

A medium-sized sailing boat equipped for cruising or racing

ice yacht British & World English

another term for iceboat111.

motor yacht British & World English

A motor-driven boat equipped for cruising

sand yacht British & World English

A wind-driven three-wheeled vehicle with a sail, used for racing on beaches

land yacht British & World English

A wind-powered wheeled vehicle with sails, used for recreation and sport

maxi yacht in maxi British & World English

A racing yacht of between 15 and 20 metres in length

yacht English-Spanish

velero m, yate m

yacht club in yacht English-Spanish

club m náutico

a single-handed yacht race in single-handed English-Spanish

una regata de yates tripulados en solitario

the yacht was manned by Canadians in man English-Spanish

el yate estaba tripulado por canadienses

she focused her binoculars on the yacht in focus English-Spanish

enfocó el yate con los prismáticos

the storm threw the yacht onto the rocks in throw English-Spanish

la tormenta lanzó el yate contra las rocas

owning a yacht was his idea of one-upmanship in one-upmanship English-Spanish

le parecía que tener un yate era la forma de quedar por encima de los demás

we watched as the yacht/cruiser sailed slowly out to sea in sail English-Spanish

miramos como el yate/crucero se hacía lentamente a la mar