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aller French-English

je vais apprendre l'italien

pis-aller French-English

makeshift solution

aller-retour French-English

return ticket

laisser-aller French-English


s'en aller in aller French-English

to go, to leave, to be off

aller (simple) in aller French-English

single (ticket) BrE, one-way ticket

aller retour in aller French-English

return ticket, round trip AmE

aller au coin in coin French-English

to go and stand in the corner

aller voir qn in voir French-English

to go to see sb

aller aux WC in WC French-English

to go to the toilet

aller et venir in aller French-English

to pace up and down

y aller franco in franco French-English

to go right ahead

le voyage aller in voyage French-English

the outward journey

il peut aller se rhabiller! in rhabiller French-English

he can go back where he came from!

aller jusqu'à tuer in aller French-English

to go as far as to kill

aller prendre l'air in air French-English

to go and get some fresh air

aller bien ensemble in bien French-English

to go well together

aller droit au but in but French-English

to go straight to the point

aller à l'essentiel in essentiel French-English

to get to the heart of the matter

aller jusqu'à Paris in jusque French-English

to go as far as Paris

aller jusqu'à faire in jusque French-English

to go so far as to do

aller nager/au travail in aller French-English

to go swimming/to work

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