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dos French-English


sac à dos French-English

rucksack, backpack

sac à dos French-English

rucksack, backpack

il a bon dos le réveil! in dos French-English

it's easy to blame it on the alarm clock!

donner froid dans le dos in froid French-English

to send a shiver down the spine

voir qn de dos in dos French-English

to see sb from behind

tourner le dos à in dos French-English

to have one's back to

casser du sucre sur le dos de qn in sucre French-English

to run sb down, to bad-mouth sb

il n'a rien sur le dos in dos French-English

he's wearing hardly anything

avec mon dos, je ne peux pas faire d'effort in effort French-English

with this back of mine, I can't do anything strenuous

il te fait des sourires par-devant mais dit du mal de toi dans ton dos in par-devant French-English

he's all smiles to your face but says nasty things about you behind your back