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dossier French-English

file, dossier

dossier English-French

dossier m

admission sur dossier in admission French-English

admission based on work experience and qualifications

sélection sur dossier in dossier French-English

selection by written application

notre dossier sur l'alcoolisme in dossier French-English

our (special) feature on alcoholism

le dossier était mal rangé in ranger French-English

the file had been put in the wrong place

être sélectionné sur dossier in sélectionner French-English

to be selected on the basis of one's academic record

le dossier des otages progresse in progresser French-English

progress is being made in the hostage issue

l'avocat connaît parfaitement son dossier in dossier French-English

the lawyer is well versed in the details of the case

le dossier a été confié à Agnès in dossier French-English

the file has been handed over to Agnès

délégué chargé du dossier agricole in dossier French-English

delegate responsible for agricultural affairs

j'avais laissé le dossier en évidence in évidence French-English

I had left the file in a prominent place

remettre un dossier aux autorités compétentes in compétent French-English

to forward a file to the appropriate authorities

le dossier brûlant/épineux de la pollution in dossier French-English

the controversial/thorny problem of pollution

critiquer le traitement d'un dossier sensible in traitement French-English

to criticize the way sensitive information was handled

le dossier se trouve dans le dessous de la pile in dessous French-English

the file is toward(s) the bottom of the pile

je me suis un peu avancé en te promettant le dossier pour demain in avancer French-English

I shouldn't have committed myself by promising you I'd have the file ready for tomorrow

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