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tromper l'ennui in ennui French-English

to escape from boredom

par ennui/jalousie in par French-English

out of boredom/jealousy

c'est à mourir d'ennui in ennui French-English

it's enough to bore you stiff

tromper son ennui/sa peur in tromper French-English

to stave off one's boredom/one's fear

l'ennui se glissa entre nous in glisser French-English

boredom crept into our relationship

trouver une diversion à son ennui in diversion French-English

to find something to take one's mind off one's boredom

languir dans l'incertitude/d'ennui in languir French-English

to languish in uncertainty/in boredom

il promène sa tristesse/son ennui partout in promener French-English

he carries his misery/his boredom around with him wherever he goes