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frapper French-English

to hit, to strike

frapper in frapper French-English

to hit, to strike

frapper à la tête in frapper French-English

to hit [somebody] on the head

frapper les trois coups in frapper French-English

to give three knocks to signal that the curtain is about to rise

frapper la balle au rebond in rebond French-English

to hit the ball on the rebound

frapper du poing sur la table in frapper French-English

to bang one's fist on the table

frapper une révolte à la tête in tête French-English

to go for the leaders of an uprising

frapper quelqu'un à coups de gourdin in coup French-English

to club somebody, to beat somebody with a club

frapper trois coups à la porte in coup French-English

to knock on the door three times, to give three knocks on the door

frapper quelqu'un à coups de crosse in crosse French-English

to hit somebody with the butt of a rifle

je vais lui faire perdre l'habitude d'entrer sans frapper in habitude French-English

I'm going to get him out of the habit of entering without knocking

il s'est permis d'entrer sans frapper/d'utiliser mon ordinateur in permettre French-English

he took the liberty of coming in without knocking/of using my computer