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loin French-English

a long way, far

loin in loin French-English

a long way, far

loin chop English-French

côte f première

loin de in loin French-English

a long way, far

voir loin in voir French-English

to see a long way off

tout au loin in loin French-English

far away in the distance

c'est assez loin in loin French-English

it's quite a long way

revenir de loin in revenir French-English

to come back from far away

comme c'est loin! in loin French-English

what a long time ago that was!

Noël est déjà loin in loin French-English

Christmas is long past now, it's a long time since Christmas now

venir loin derrière in venir French-English

to trail a long way behind

il y a loin de la coupe aux lèvres in lèvre French-English

there's many a slip twixt cup and lip

s'exiler loin du monde in exiler French-English

to cut oneself off from the world

loin du bruit du monde in bruit French-English

far from the madding crowd

tout cela est bien loin in loin French-English

that was all a long time ago

loin de moi cette idée! in loin French-English

nothing could be further from my mind!

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