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longtemps French-English

(for) a long time

j'y ai vécu longtemps in longtemps French-English

I lived there for a long time

j'avais compris longtemps avant in avant French-English

I had understood a long time before

on te revoit dans longtemps? in longtemps French-English

will it be long before we see you again?

il y a bien longtemps de ça in bien French-English

that was a very long time ago

(pendant) longtemps j'ai cru que … in longtemps French-English

for a long time, I believed (that) …

X, longtemps détenu/ministre, … in longtemps French-English

X, who was in prison/a minister for a long time, …

il est mort depuis longtemps in longtemps French-English

he died a long time ago, he's been dead a long time

vivre longtemps/vieux/centenaire in vivre French-English

to live for a long time/to a great age/to be a hundred

il n'habite plus ici depuis longtemps in depuis French-English

he hasn't lived here for a long time

j'ai hésité longtemps à vous écrire in hésiter French-English

I hesitated for a long time before writing to you

il ne fera pas illusion longtemps in illusion French-English

he won't fool people for long, people will soon see through him

il n'y a plus longtemps à attendre in longtemps French-English

there's not long to wait now, it won't be much longer now

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