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marcher English-French


marcher à l'ombre in ombre French-English

to keep out of the limelight

marcher mal in mal French-English

to walk with difficulty

marcher la tête haute in haut French-English

to walk with one's head held high

marcher en crabe in crabe French-English

to sidle along, to walk crabwise

marcher/courir (les) pieds nus in pied French-English

to walk about/to run around bare-foot(ed)

marcher au supplice in supplice French-English

to go to (one's) execution

marcher or être à côté de ses pompes in pompe French-English

not to be with it, to be away with the fairies

marcher d'un pas lourd in lourd French-English

to walk with a heavy step

allons marcher un peu in marcher French-English

let's go for a little walk

je te faisais marcher in marcher French-English

I was just pulling your leg

marcher à pas comptés in pas French-English

to walk with measured steps

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