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mieux French-English


tant mieux in tant French-English

so much the better

qui dit mieux? in mieux French-English

any other offers?

fais au mieux in mieux French-English

do whatever is best

j'aime mieux ça! in aimer French-English

that's more like it!

faute de mieux in faute French-English

for want of anything better

en attendant mieux in attendre French-English

until something better turns up

fais pour le mieux in mieux French-English

do whatever is best

il y a un/du mieux in mieux French-English

there is an/some improvement

un tiens vaut mieux que deux tu l'auras in deux French-English

a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

bois ça, ça ira mieux in aller French-English

drink this, you'll feel better

changement en mieux/pire in changement French-English

change for the better/worse

je ne demande pas mieux in demander French-English

there's nothing I would like better

le mieux est de refuser in mieux French-English

the best thing is to refuse

on la critiquait à qui mieux mieux in mieux French-English

each person criticized her more harshly than the last

il vaut carrément mieux les jeter in carrément French-English

it would be better just to throw them out

elle est au mieux avec sa voisine in mieux French-English

she is on very good terms with her neighbour

en proportion, ils sont mieux payés in proportion French-English

they are proportionately better paid

tu ne pouvais pas mieux tomber! in tomber French-English

you couldn't have come at a better time!

il ne vaut pas mieux que son frère in valoir French-English

he's no better than his brother

nous sommes mieux ici qu'à Paris, quoique in quoique French-English

we're better off here than in Paris, but then (again)