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parler French-English

way of talking

trop parler nuit in nuire French-English

you should know when to keep your mouth shut

parler franc in franc French-English

to be perfectly frank

parler d'argent in argent French-English

to talk about money (matters)

s'écouter parler in écouter French-English

to like the sound of one's own voice

laisse-le parler in parler French-English

let him speak, let him have his say

parler pointu in pointu French-English

to sound like a Parisian to a native of the south of France

parler à un mur in mur French-English

to be talking to a brick wall

parler par gestes in parler French-English

to communicate by means of gestures

il s'écoute parler in parler French-English

he loves the sound of his own voice

parler pour rien in rien French-English

to waste one's breath

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