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parler French-English

to speak

franc-parler French-English

avoir son franc-parler

parler chiffons in chiffon French-English

to talk (about) clothes

s'écouter parler in écouter French-English

to like the sound of one's own voice

va leur parler in aller French-English

go and speak to them

il s'écoute parler in parler French-English

he loves the sound of his own voice

parler tout seul in seul French-English

to talk to oneself

parler de qn/qch in parler French-English

to talk about sb/sth

je vais leur parler entre quatre yeux in quatre French-English

I'm going to talk to them face to face

parler à la cantonade in cantonade French-English

to speak to no one in particular

trop ému pour parler in ému French-English

too overcome to speak

parler affaires/politique in parler French-English

to talk (about) business/politics

faire parler de soi in parler French-English

to get oneself talked about

autant parler à un mur in autant French-English

you might as well be talking to the wall

il aurait aimé te parler in avoir French-English

he would have liked to speak to you

défense d'en parler devant lui in défense French-English

don't mention it in front of him

on n'entend plus parler de lui in entendre French-English

his name is not mentioned any more

parler en connaissance de cause in parler French-English

to know what one is talking about

parler à tort et à travers in tort French-English

to talk a lot of nonsense

lui seul a le droit de parler in lui French-English

he alone has the right to talk

elle a pris sur elle de leur parler in prendre French-English

she took it upon herself to talk to them

elle ne veut pas le voir ni lui parler in ni French-English

she doesn't want to see him or talk to him