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partout French-English


fourrer son nez partout in partout French-English

to stick one's nose into everything

s'en mettre partout in mettre French-English

to get it all over oneself

il me suit partout in suivre French-English

he follows me everywhere

foutre son nez partout in foutre French-English

to stick one's nose into everything

l'eau pisse de partout in pisser French-English

water is pouring out from everywhere

regarder partout/ailleurs in regarder French-English

to look everywhere/somewhere else

un peu partout dans le monde in partout French-English

more or less all over the world

mettre de la colle/farine partout in mettre French-English

to spill glue/flour all over the place

il y avait de la boue partout in partout French-English

there was mud all over the place

elle se trimbale partout avec sa mère in trimbaler French-English

she trails around everywhere with her mother

il promène sa tristesse/son ennui partout in promener French-English

he carries his misery/his boredom around with him wherever he goes

elle a mis du chocolat partout, la cochonne in cochon French-English

she's got chocolate all over the place, the messy thing

ils ont mis des graffiti partout/sur la colonne in mettre French-English

they've put graffiti everywhere/on the column