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pied English-French


nu-pied French-English

(open) sandal

pied-bot French-English

club-footed person

pied-noir French-English

pied-noir, of a French colonial born in Algeria

pied-plat French-English

flat-footed individual

cloche-pied French-English

sauter à cloche-pied

contre-pied French-English

prendre le contre-pied de quelqu'un

croche-pied French-English

faire un croche-pied à quelqu'un

plain-pied French-English

un bâtiment de plain-pied

Pied Piper English-French

the Pied Piper (of Hamelin)

arrache-pied French-English


pied wagtail English-French

bergeronnette de Yarrell

pied-à-terre French-English


pied-de-coq French-English

large houndstooth

verre à pied French-English

stemmed glass

pied-à-terre English-French


appel du pied French-English

veiled invitation, discreet appeal

mycose du pied French-English

athlete's foot

pied-bot in pied-bot French-English

club-footed person

chasseur à pied French-English

light infantryman

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