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au pire in pire French-English

at the very worst

pratiquer la politique du pire in politique French-English

to envisage the worst-case scenario

le pire c'est que … in pire French-English

the worst of it all is that …

je m'attendais au pire/à mieux in attendre French-English

I was expecting the worst/something better

la pire chose qui puisse m'arriver in chose French-English

the worst thing that could happen to me

ne le fais pas pire qu'il n'est! in faire French-English

don't make him out to be worse than he is!, don't paint him blacker than he is!

le remède est pire que le mal in remède French-English

the cure is worse than the disease

je n'ai jamais rien vu de pire in rien French-English

I've never seen anything worse