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vite French-English


va-vite French-English

in a rush

c'est vite dit in dire French-English

that's easy for you to say

au plus vite in vite French-English

as quickly as possible

ça ira vite in vite French-English

it'll soon be over

tu vas vite en besogne, toi! in besogne French-English

you don't waste any time, do you!

tu vas trop vite in aller French-English

you're going too fast

vas-y, mais fais vite! in faire French-English

go, but be quick about it!

il s'agit de faire vite in agir French-English

we/you etc must act quickly

tout est allé si vite! in aller French-English

it all happened so quickly!

je ne peux pas aller plus vite que la musique in musique French-English

I can't go any faster than I'm already going

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