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wie German-English


wie [bitte]? in wie German-English

[I beg your] pardon?

wie verlautet in verlauten German-English

according to reports

wie dem auch sei in auch German-English

however that may be

dumm wie Bohnenstroh in Bohnenstroh German-English

as thick as two short planks

etwa so groß wie … in etwa German-English

about as large as …

wie dem auch sei in sein German-English

be that as it may

wie teuer war das? in teuer German-English

how much did that cost?

wie denkst du darüber? in denken German-English

what do you think about it?

wie geht es dir denn? in denn German-English

tell me, how are you?

ich mag Erdbeeren ebenso gern [wie…] in ebenso German-English

I like strawberries just as much [as …]

ach je, wie schade! in je German-English

oh dear, what a shame!

wie kommst du darauf? in kommen German-English

what gives you that idea?

alles war wie sonst in sonst German-English

everything was [the same] as usual

wie steht das Pfund? in stehen German-English

what is the rate for the pound?

ich fühlte mich wie … in wie German-English

I felt as if I were …

wie ein Hippie herumlaufen in herumlaufen German-English

go about looking like a hippie

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