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frugare fra in frugare Italian-English

to dig in, to rake among

fra otto -i in giorno Italian-English

in a week's time, in a week

fra due -e in settimana Italian-English

the week after next, in two weeks' time

-gi fra vicini in litigio Italian-English

quarrels between neighbours

fra i due -i il terzo gode in litigante Italian-English

two dogs strive for a bone, and a third runs away with it

fra o tra poco in poco Italian-English

shortly, before long, very soon

fra una settimana in settimana Italian-English

in a week's time, this time next week

essere fra i -i in sospetto Italian-English

to be named as a suspect

esitare fra due -i in partito Italian-English

to hesitate between two options

mettere i -i fra le ruote a qualcuno in bastone Italian-English

to put a spoke in somebody's wheel, to put an obstacle in somebody's way

il sole fece capolino fra le nuvole in capolino Italian-English

the sun peeped out from behind the clouds

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