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guadagnare bene in guadagnare Italian-English

to make a good living, to earn good money

guadagnare somme -sche in pazzesco Italian-English

to make money hand over fist, to rake it in

guadagnare due punti in borsa in guadagnare Italian-English

to gain two points on the stock market

guadagnare un pacco di soldi in pacco Italian-English

to earn a packet, to make a bundle

a loro interessa solo guadagnare in fretta in fretta Italian-English

they're only interested in making quick profits

guadagnare fior di -i o far -i a palate in quattrino Italian-English

to make big money, to make money hand over fist

abbiamo tutto da guadagnare e niente da perdere in guadagnare Italian-English

we have everything to gain and nothing to lose