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caer Spanish-English

to fall

caer sobre algn Spanish-English

to befall sb

caer parado in caer Spanish-English

to land on one's feet

caer enfermo in caer Spanish-English

to fall ill, be taken ill

caer súpito in súpito Spanish-English

to faint, pass out

caer muy bajo in caer Spanish-English

to stoop very low

estar al caer in caer Spanish-English

the guests will be here any minute

caer a plomo in plomo Spanish-English

to hang straight

caer en desuso in caer Spanish-English

to fall into disuse

caer en desuso in desuso Spanish-English

to fall into disuse

caer en gracia in gracia Spanish-English

he seems to have taken a liking

caer el veinte in veinte Spanish-English

I didn't realize, it didn't dawn on me that it was me she'd come looking for

al caer el día in día Spanish-English

at dusk, at twilight

¡te vas a caer! in ir Spanish-English

you're going to fall!

caer en el olvido in caer Spanish-English

to sink into oblivion

caer en un vicio in caer Spanish-English

to get into a bad habit

caer en la droga in caer Spanish-English

to start taking drugs

hizo caer al niño in hacer Spanish-English

he knocked the child over

caer en el garlito in garlito Spanish-English

to fall into the trap

caer en el vacío in vacío Spanish-English

to fall on deaf ears

caer como una bomba in bomba Spanish-English

the news of his death was a bombshell

caer/estar en las garras de algn in garra Spanish-English

to fall into/be in sb's clutches

caer como (una) piedra in piedra Spanish-English

to go out like a light, crash out

caer en la volteada in volteada Spanish-English

to get caught up in sth one is not involved in

caer como una cachetada in cachetada Spanish-English

he was very put out that he wasn't invited

caer en cartera vencida in cartera Spanish-English

to get into credit-card debt

los invitados están al caer in caer Spanish-English

the guests will be here any minute

agárralo, que se va a caer in agarrar Spanish-English

grab him, he's going to fall

se dejó caer en el sillón in caer Spanish-English

she flopped into the armchair

venderse así es caer muy bajo in caer Spanish-English

I wouldn't stoop so low as to sell myself like that

caer como chinos or angelitos in caer Spanish-English

they swallowed it hook, line and sinker

¡te va a caer una bofetada! in caer Spanish-English

you're going to get a smack!

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