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esperar Spanish-English

to wait for

esperar sentado in esperar Spanish-English

if he thinks I'm going to call him he's got another think coming

cabe esperar que … in caber Spanish-English

it is to be hoped that …

prefiero esperar aquí in preferir Spanish-English

I'd rather wait here, I'd prefer to wait here

esperar(se) sentado in sentado Spanish-English

if you think I'm going to have it ready by Monday, you'll have a long wait

es de esperar que … in de Spanish-English

it is to be hoped that …, one hopes that …

le encanta hacerse esperar in esperar Spanish-English

he loves to keep people waiting

hagan el favor de esperar in favor Spanish-English

would you mind waiting, please?

me hizo esperar tres horas in hacer Spanish-English

she kept me waiting for three hours

no te pudo esperar, andaba apurado in apurado Spanish-English

he couldn't wait for you, he was in a hurry

ganó Raúl, como era de esperar in como Spanish-English

Raúl won, as was to be expected

podemos esperar, no hay mucha cola in cola Spanish-English

we could wait, there isn't much of a line

la fuimos a esperar al aeropuerto in esperar Spanish-English

we went to meet her at the airport

¿dónde van a esperar el Año Nuevo? in esperar Spanish-English

where will you be seeing the New Year in?

de ella no puedes esperar ayuda in esperar Spanish-English

don't expect her to help, you can't expect to get any help from her

lo siento, no podemos esperar más in esperar Spanish-English

I'm sorry, we can't wait any longer

el desenlace no se hizo esperar in hacer Spanish-English

the end was not long in coming

tiene que esperar (a) que lo llamen in esperar Spanish-English

you have to wait for them to call you

lo mejor es armarse de paciencia y esperar in armar Spanish-English

the best thing is just to be patient

era de esperar que el proyecto fracasara in esperar Spanish-English

the project was bound to fail, it was only to be expected that the project would fail

tenga la gentileza de esperar un momento in gentileza Spanish-English

would you be so kind as to wait a moment, would you kindly wait a moment

quitando que tuvimos que esperar mucho rato in quitar Spanish-English

apart from the fact that we had to wait a long time

no hay que esperar mucho de las conversaciones in esperar Spanish-English

we shouldn't expect too much of the talks

si tenemos que esperar a que él acabe estamos apañados in apañado Spanish-English

if we have to wait till he's finished we're done for

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