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estar Spanish

Se usa para atribuir al sujeto de la oración una cualidad o una característica no permanente o el resultado de una acción o proceso, que se expresan mediante un adjetivo, un participio o una oración equivalente:

[estar] Spanish-English

deserted, abandoned

cuarto de estar Spanish-English

living room, parlor, sitting room

cuarto de estar Spanish-English

living room, parlor, sitting room

estar bueno Spanish-English

to be good, be delicious, be nice

estar verde in verde Spanish-English

to be inexperienced

dejarse estar in dejar Spanish-English

you'd better do something

estar escrito in escrito Spanish-English

they were destined never to meet again

estar pintado in pintado Spanish-English

it has Julián written all over it! he's the only person who would think of doing a thing like that!

estar arreglado in arreglado Spanish-English

if he thinks I'm going to lend him the money he's got another think coming

estar al caer in caer Spanish-English

the guests will be here any minute

estar de cama in cama Spanish-English

to be dead, to be knackered

estar en algo in estar Spanish-English

we still haven't solved the problem, but we're working on it

estar al loro in loro Spanish-English

to be on one's toes, to be on the ball, to keep one's eyes open

estar en nada in nada Spanish-English

we very nearly missed the train

estar al quite in quite Spanish-English

to be ready to draw the bull away

estar de sobra in sobra Spanish-English

I have the feeling that I'm not wanted/needed around here, I have the feeling that I'm de trop around here

estar de compras in compra Spanish-English

to be in the family way

estar de florero in florero Spanish-English

to be here/there purely for decoration

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