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fracaso Spanish-English


se arriesgan al fracaso in arriesgar Spanish-English

they run the risk of failing, they risk failure

un plan abocado al fracaso in abocado Spanish-English

a plan doomed to fail, a plan destined to fail

como profesor es un fracaso in fracaso Spanish-English

he's a disaster, he's a hopeless teacher

ese primer fracaso lo desalentó in desalentar Spanish-English

that first failure discouraged him

su última película fue un fracaso in fracaso Spanish-English

her last movie was a failure, her last movie bombed

el accidente/ese fracaso no hizo mella en él in mella Spanish-English

the accident/that failure didn't affect him

responsabilizaron al profesor del fracaso de su hijo in responsabilizar Spanish-English

they held the teacher responsible for, they claimed that the teacher was responsible for