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hacer Spanish

Realizar una actividad que comporta un resultado:

dejar hacer Spanish-English

el dejar hacer

hacer pie in pie Spanish-English

to be able to touch the bottom

hacer eses in ese Spanish-English

to zigzag, zigzag along

hacer nata in nata Spanish-English

the place is inundated

hacer olas in ola Spanish-English

to rock the boat, to make waves

hacer roña in roña Spanish-English

these civil servants who sit around doing nothing

hacer sebo in sebo Spanish-English

to goof off, to swing the lead

hacer bulto in bulto Spanish-English

to swell the numbers

hacer conejo in conejo Spanish-English

to run off without paying, do a runner

hacer época in época Spanish-English

a group which represented a landmark

hacer gracia in gracia Spanish-English

it was so funny seeing him without his beard!

hacer juego in juego Spanish-English

the jacket and the shirt don't go together

hacer patria in patria Spanish-English

to fly the flag (for one's country)

hacer pellas in pella Spanish-English

to play hookey, to skive

hacer pesas in pesa Spanish-English

to do weight training

hacer precio in precio Spanish-English

to lower the price, give a discount

hacer tiempo in tiempo Spanish-English

to while away the time, to kill time

hacer baccará in baccará Spanish-English

to fail all one's exams

hacer carrera in carrera Spanish-English

to carve out a career

hacer dibujos in dibujo Spanish-English

she performs miracles in order to eke the money out

hacer méritos in mérito Spanish-English

he's going to have to earn it

hacer noticia in noticia Spanish-English

to make news, hit the headlines

hacer novillos in novillo Spanish-English

to play truant, to play hooky, to skive off (school)

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