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lugar Spanish-English


lugar común Spanish-English

cliché, commonplace

lugar común Spanish-English

cliché, commonplace

fuera de lugar Spanish-English

→ fuera de juego

dar lugar a in lugar Spanish-English

to provoke, give rise to, spark off

ponte en mi lugar in lugar Spanish-English

put yourself in my place

sin lugar a dudas in lugar Spanish-English

without doubt, undoubtedly

ganar para un lugar in ganar Spanish-English

to go off toward(s) somewhere

el lugar del suceso in suceso Spanish-English

the scene of the incident/crime/accident

estaba en último lugar in último Spanish-English

I was last, I was in last place

para ambientar el lugar in ambientar Spanish-English

to give the place some atmosphere, to create a festive (

ir a dar a un lugar in ir Spanish-English

who knows where the ball got to

no ha lugar la protesta in lugar Spanish-English

the objection is overruled

a como dé/diera lugar in lugar Spanish-English

the idea is to sell it however possible

no dejar lugar a dudas in lugar Spanish-English

she said it with such conviction that there could be no doubt about her sincerity

el saber no ocupa lugar in saber Spanish-English

one can never know too much

el lugar adonde se dirigían in adonde Spanish-English

the place they were going to, the place where

esto no está en su lugar in lugar Spanish-English

this is not in its place, this is not where it should be

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