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pegar Spanish-English

to give

no pegar ni con cola in cola Spanish-English

that skirt and blouse look terrible, they just don't go together

no dar or pegar ni clavo in clavo Spanish-English

he spends all day watching TV, he doesn't do a stroke of work

no dar or pegar (ni) golpe in golpe Spanish-English

how can he expect to pass, he never does a lick

te vas a pegar una galleta in galleta Spanish-English

you're going to crash into something

ni siquiera sabe pegar un botón in pegar Spanish-English

he can't even sew a button on

no te quiero pegar este resfriado in resfriado Spanish-English

I don't want to pass this cold on to you, I don't want you catching this cold

no pegar ni con cola or no pegar ni juntar in pegar Spanish-English

those colors* don't go together at all

te voy a pegar or dar un mamporro in mamporro Spanish-English

I'm going to give you a good clout

con este espectáculo sí la vamos a pegar in pegar Spanish-English

we're going to have a big hit with this show

no te acerques, que se te va a pegar el catarro in pegar Spanish-English

don't come too close or you'll catch my cold

es de la opinión de que no se les debe pegar a los niños in opinión Spanish-English

she doesn't believe in hitting children, she is of the opinion that you mustn't hit children