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a poco in poco Spanish-English

don't you read the newspapers?

en poco in poco Spanish-English

they came very close to beating us, they very nearly beat us

habla poco in poco Spanish-English

he doesn't say much

de a poco in de Spanish-English

little by little, gradually

un poco de in poco Spanish-English

add a little (bit of) pepper/wine

al (poco) rato in rato Spanish-English

he arrived shortly

muy poco vino in poco Spanish-English

very little wine

lo vi hace poco in poco Spanish-English

I saw him recently

¡a poco ganaron! in poco Spanish-English

don't tell me they won!

lo leí hace poco in hacer Spanish-English

I read it a short time ago

¿te sirvo un poco? in poco Spanish-English

would you like a little

descansemos un poco in poco Spanish-English

let's rest for a while, let's have a little rest

poco más o menos in poco Spanish-English

approximately, roughly

anda un poco tristón in andar Spanish-English

he's (looking) a bit gloomy

se conforma con poco in conformar Spanish-English

he's happy with very little, he's easily satisfied

falta poco para Pascua in faltar Spanish-English

it's not long until Easter

es muy poco favorecido in favorecido Spanish-English

he's not very good looking

tiene muy poco juicio in juicio Spanish-English

he's not very sensible, he's rather lacking in (common) sense

¡pero piensa un poco! in pensar Spanish-English

just think about it a minute!

¡un poco de seriedad! in seriedad Spanish-English

come on, let's be serious now!

es muy poco agradecido in poco Spanish-English

he is very ungrateful, he isn't at all grateful

se conforma con poco in poco Spanish-English

he's easily satisfied

por poco nos descubren in poco Spanish-English

we were nearly found out

todo le parece poco in todo Spanish-English

he's never satisfied

hace de todo un poco in todo Spanish-English

he does a bit of everything

esa línea se vende muy bien/poco in vender Spanish-English

that line sells very well/doesn't sell very well

se fue acabando poco a poco in acabar Spanish-English

she slowly slipped away, her life's breath slowly ebbed away

dale un poco de brillo in brillo Spanish-English

turn the brightness up a bit

tiene mucho/poco carácter in carácter Spanish-English

she has a lot of/doesn't have much personality

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