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quedar Spanish-English

quedó viuda muy joven

quedar lona in lona Spanish-English

she danced till she dropped

quedar atrás in quedar Spanish-English

he soon fell behind

quedar la cagada in cagada Spanish-English

the shit hit the fan

quedar como diuca in diuca Spanish-English

to be soaked to the skin, to be like a drowned rat

quedar en evidencia in evidencia Spanish-English

poor girl! his saying that really showed her up

bailó hasta quedar lona in lona Spanish-English

she danced till she dropped

estar/quedar hecho migas in miga Spanish-English

to be smashed to pieces

dejar/quedar la tendalada in tendalada Spanish-English

the landslide caused incredible destruction

quedar mal/bien con algn in quedar Spanish-English

they won't think much of me

esto no puede quedar así in quedar Spanish-English

we can't leave/I'm not going to leave things like this

no quedar títere con cabeza in títere Spanish-English

nobody escaped the reshuffle unscathed

estar/dejar/quedar en el aire in aire Spanish-English

everything was left very much up in the air

quedar a la altura del betún in betún Spanish-English

if you're found out you'll look really bad

estar/dejar/quedar el desparramo in desparramo Spanish-English

thieves broke in and left the place in total chaos

estar/quedar loco de la vida in vida Spanish-English

to be over the moon, to be thrilled

dejar a algn/andar/quedar en banda in banda Spanish-English

he doesn't know what to do with himself, he's at a bit of a loss

dejar a algn/quedar para billetero in billetero Spanish-English

he was in a sorry state after the fight

quedar relegado a un segundo plano in segundo Spanish-English

to be pushed into the background

los párrafos deben quedar (más) espaciados in espaciado Spanish-English

there should be more space between the paragraphs, the paragraphs should be further apart

me hiciste quedar muy mal diciendo eso in quedar Spanish-English

you really showed me up saying that

te puedes quedar todo lo que quieras in todo Spanish-English

you can stay as long as you like

no le van a quedar ganas de volverlo a hacer in gana Spanish-English

he isn't going to want to do that again in a hurry

de momento se va a quedar en casa con nosotros in momento Spanish-English

she's going to stay at home with us for the time being

mis sillones van a quedar nadando en esta sala in nadar Spanish-English

my armchairs are going to look lost in this room

con este frío nos vamos a quedar patitiesos in patitieso Spanish-English

it's so cold we're going to freeze to death

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