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ascendió rápidamente al generalato in generalato Spanish-English

he rose rapidly to the rank of general

se cambió rápidamente y salió in rápidamente Spanish-English

he quickly changed his clothes and went out

las reservas iban menguando rápidamente in menguar Spanish-English

the reserves were diminishing rapidly

esta crema penetra rápidamente en la piel in penetrar Spanish-English

this cream is quickly absorbed by the skin

vistos los hechos procede actuar rápidamente in proceder Spanish-English

in view of the circumstances it would be wise to act swiftly

rápidamente nos diseñó la gravedad de la situación in diseñar Spanish-English

he quickly outlined the gravity of the situation

en el mundo del espectáculo te quemas rápidamente in quemar Spanish-English

in show business you're only famous for a short time