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se Spanish-English

→ le


→ saber2

per se Spanish-English

per se

se cortó in se Spanish-English

he cut himself

sé cumplido in cumplido Spanish-English

don't be late, be punctual

se encanijó in encanijarse Spanish-English

its growth was stunted

así se muera in así Spanish-English

I hope she drops dead!

se le declaró in declarar Spanish-English

he declared his love to her, he told her he loved her

¿qué se da? in dar Spanish-English

what's going on

se me escapó in escapar Spanish-English

he got away from me

¿que se casa? in que Spanish-English

she's getting married?

no se hablan in se Spanish-English

they're not on speaking terms, they're not speaking to each other

lo sé sobrado in sobrado Spanish-English

I know that only too well

si se tercia in terciar Spanish-English

if the opportunity arises

se alquila piso in alquilar Spanish-English

apartment for rent, flat to let

se casaron ayer in casar Spanish-English

they got married yesterday, they were married yesterday

se cayó redondo in caer Spanish-English

he collapsed in a heap

¡así se habla! in hablar Spanish-English

that's what I like to hear!

se siente lindo in lindo Spanish-English

it feels wonderful

se fue la luz in luz Spanish-English

there was a power cut

se expresó mal in mal Spanish-English

he didn't express himself very well, he expressed himself badly

se juega mañana in jugar Spanish-English

the draw takes place tomorrow

se hacen portes in porte Spanish-English

freight delivery service

se habla inglés in se Spanish-English

English spoken here

ir(se) de tasqueo in tasqueo Spanish-English

to go drinking, go pubbing

no sé adónde ir in adónde Spanish-English

I don't know where to go

se cayó al río in a Spanish-English

she fell into the river

se sentó al sol in a Spanish-English

he sat in the sun

se bota a duro in botar Spanish-English

he likes to think of himself as

se comparte casa in compartir Spanish-English

room to let in shared house

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