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terminar Spanish-English

to finish

va a terminar mal in terminar Spanish-English

he's going to come to a bad end

no alcanzó a terminar in alcanzar Spanish-English

she didn't manage to finish

al terminar la clase in terminar Spanish-English

when the class ended, at the end of the class

no descansó hasta terminar in hasta Spanish-English

she didn't rest until she'd finished

esto va a terminar mal in terminar Spanish-English

this is going to turn out

esto está aún sin terminar in sin Spanish-English

this still isn't finished

nos faltó tiempo para terminar in faltar Spanish-English

we didn't have enough time to finish

¿te falta mucho para terminar? in faltar Spanish-English

will it take you long to finish?, have you got much more to do?

¿cuánto te falta para terminar? in para Spanish-English

how much have you got left to do?, how long will it take you to finish it?

pudimos terminar el trabajo holgadamente in holgadamente Spanish-English

we finished the job with plenty of time to spare

¿están por terminar? — ¡ni miras! in mira Spanish-English

are you nearly finished? — nowhere near!

salió nada más terminar de comer in terminar Spanish-English

he went out as soon as he'd finished eating

déjales terminar tranquilos, sin apremios in apremio Spanish-English

let them finish in their own time, don't pressure

a este paso no van a terminar nunca in ir Spanish-English

they'll never finish at this rate

no pude terminar el examen, era un choclo in choclo Spanish-English

I could not finish the exam, it went on for ever

para terminar con las coimas y corruptelas in corruptela Spanish-English

to put an end to the bribery and corruption

al terminar el cursillo te dan un diploma in dar Spanish-English

when you finish the course you get a diploma

no se pudo terminar por falta de tiempo in falta Spanish-English

we could not finish it because we ran out of time

estoy por terminar, ya voy por las mangas in ir Spanish-English

I've nearly finished, I'm just doing the sleeves now

¿y quién lo tuvo que terminar? el menda in menda Spanish-English

and who had to finish it? yours truly

si sigues por esos derroteros vas a terminar mal in derrotero Spanish-English

if you carry on like that, you'll come to a bad end

no me esperes que voy a demorar en terminar in demorar Spanish-English

don't wait for me because I won't be finished for a while

me faltan tres páginas para terminar el libro in faltar Spanish-English

I have three pages to go to finish the book

si sigue así, va a terminar en el manicomio in manicomio Spanish-English

if he carries on the way he is, he'll end up in the loony bin

me he puesto por meta terminar el trabajo mañana in meta Spanish-English

I've set myself the goal of finishing the work tomorrow

al terminar la carrera cada cual se fue por su camino in camino Spanish-English

after completing their studies they all went their separate ways