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tu Spanish-English


tú y yo Spanish-English

set of two individual placemats

según tú in Spanish-English

according to you

¡tu madre! in madre Spanish-English

screw you!, up yours!

de tú a tú in Spanish-English

on an equal footing, on equal terms

¡tu abuela! in abuelo Spanish-English

will you wash them? — like hell I will!

allá tú/él in allá Spanish-English

that's your/his lookout, that's up to you/him

a mi/tu/su aire in aire Spanish-English

they go out in a group, I prefer doing my own thing

a mi/tu/su modo in modo Spanish-English

(in) my/your/his (own) way

a mi/tu/su vez in vez Spanish-English

for my/your/his part

tú tienes gafe in gafe Spanish-English

you're jinxed, you've got a jinx on you

de mi/tu/su lado in lado Spanish-English

don't leave my side, stay close to me

no hay tu tía in tío Spanish-English

no chance, no way, nothing doing

se tratan de usted/tú in tratar Spanish-English

they address each other as 'usted'/'tú'

entre tú y yo in Spanish-English

between you and me

es por tu bien in bien Spanish-English

it's for your own good

a mi/tu/su entender in entender Spanish-English

in my/your/his opinion, to my/your/his mind

¿tú vas a misa? in ir Spanish-English

do you go to church?

mejor pídeselo tú in mejor Spanish-English

it would be better if, why don't

hazlo a tu modo in modo Spanish-English

do it (in) your (own) way

por mi/tu/su parte in parte Spanish-English

for my/your/his part

¡toma tu tomate! in tomate Spanish-English

put that in your pipe and smoke it!

tratar a algn de usted/tú in tratar Spanish-English

to address sb using the polite

¿quién lo va a hacer? — tú in Spanish-English

who's going to do it? — you are

empuja tú de tu lado in empujar Spanish-English

you push from your side

¿cómo es tu novia? in cómo Spanish-English

what's your girlfriend like?

¡conque fuiste tú! in conque Spanish-English

so it was you, was it?

no sé, decide tú in decidir Spanish-English

I don't know, you decide

tu jefe es eneas in eneas Spanish-English

your boss is a real tyrant

opino igual que tú in igual Spanish-English

I agree with you, I think the same as you

tú allí estás mal in mal Spanish-English

you aren't comfortable there

tú, microbio, a la cama in microbio Spanish-English

come on, shrimp, off to bed

obedece a tu madre in obedecer Spanish-English

do as your mother tells you, obey your mother

tú comes por tres in por Spanish-English

you eat enough for three people

más tonto eres tú in ser Spanish-English

not as stupid as you, you're the stupid one

me suena tu cara in sonar Spanish-English

I know your face from somewhere, your face is

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